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Create Printable Products from your Artwork

Galeryst now has the ability for anyone with a gallery on the site to create printable products that can be sold to visitors in the Galeryst Shop. Partnering with Printify, Galeryst enables you to easily create a variety of made-to-order drop-shipped products. Currently 86 products ranging from framed posters to giclée art prints to greeting cards are all available to make products from your artwork. You can create products for some of the artworks in your gallery or all of them. You can also determine what kind of profit margin that you want to earn when visitors buy your products and your products will have their own section in the Galeryst Shop.

Creating Products

You can now create printable products to sell from your artwork on Galeryst.
The new page to create products from artworks.

Start on the Create Products page where you pick the gallery, artworks, products, listing details, and profit margins. You can see the details for each of the products. You will also need to configure a payout account so we can share profits with you. Galeryst partners with Stripe to enable the payout accounts in all locations supported by Stripe. Like a physical gallery, Galeryst splits the revenue with the artists, with a percentage determined by the artist’s subscription plan.

The markup modeler UI so artists can adjust the markup for their products and see the split based on their subscription.

Once you create the products, they will appear in the Galeryst shop in your category section. You can also see the products on the Galeryst Products page.

The products page where an artist can see all of the products created from their artwork.

Once visitors start ordering, you can track their orders on the Orders page. You can update or remove your products at any time and the Galeryst team will share revenue with artists on a monthly basis.

Product Listings

Once you have created products, they will start appearing in your galleries. On your gallery page, a new Products section will display below the foyer gallery image.

An updated gallery page with the new Products section

Clicking on the product image in the Piece column navigates the visitor to the artwork in the gallery with a card to the right of it for each of the products available for it. clicking on the card takes the visitor directly to the product page to buy it.

An artwork in a gallery with a product card on the right

Clicking on the product link takes a visitor directly to the product page where they can buy the product.

A product listing in the Galeryst shop.

Galeryst Changes

The biggest change to Galeryst to enable products is the new navigation menu with the Shop category. You will find other changes across the site to support products and the ability for artists to easily earn revenue from their artwork from a global audience.

The new Shop menu on Galeryst

What’s next?

We are excited to see what products you create on Galeryst. We started Galeryst with a simple mission to enable any artist to create a beautiful gallery to share their art with the world. Let’s see what you can do with it!