Custom Original Vehicle Watercolor Paintings

63 Buick Skylark

Do you have a photo of a vehicle that you want to turn into a handmade custom watercolor painting?  This could be a car you restored, one from your past, a car that you desire, or a plane that you flew.  Galeryst is now accepting commissions to create handmade watercolor paintings of vehicles from photographs.

You provide a photo and any guidance on any personalization details, like changing the background, removing items from the image, or altering the colors and Michael Scherotter (the founder of Galeryst) will create a custom line and wash watercolor painting for you of a car, truck, tractor, or plane.  See Cars gallery for more examples.

Size options

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Personalizing the image

As this will be a custom creation for you, you can request the artwork to be personalized to your liking:

  • Remove the background
  • Change the background
  • Remove something from the foreground
  • Alter the colors
  • Add a name or label at the bottom
  • pick a style you like from 30 years of Michael’s artwork

Please reach out if you would like to commission Galeryst to create your own watercolor painting and we will get back to you with details.