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Artist-Driven Enhancements

We’ve been getting lots of feedback from artists who have started exhibiting their work on Galeryst and have been hard at work making it better. Artists have been creating issues on the GitHib portal, both bugs and feature requests, and we’ve been working hard to fix and improve Galeryst based on this feedback. If you have an idea or have a problem with Galeryst, please create an issue of the Github portal! Here are a few new items to notice:

Additional room layouts

Two new room layouts have been added (– and –|), we improved the icon for each layout icon to add outer walls, and showed the total number of artworks for the layout including the exterior walls.

Room layout options

Gallery Visitor Analytics

Now we are showing the visitors and visitors for your gallery

visitor analytics

Gallery Title in Foyer

We fixed some issue with the gallery title and wing labels where they weren’t being displayed or the text was cut off.

Deleted Assets in Lightroom

When you deleted an asset in Lightroom from an album it was still showing up in the gallery. That is fixed now.

Improved Loading Time of Pages

We’ve been doing lots of work to decrease the loading time of pages across the site.